David Goss


I’m a front-end developer and designer living in Milton Keynes and working for Thackerays in Northampton, where I’m the in-house Web Person, for want of a better word. This blog is where I publish my opinions and questions about our industry, as well as any useful information I come across. I don’t post with any concrete regularity, but try for about one a week, so long as I have something I feel people might want to read.

It might have occured to you that I allegedly make websites for a living, yet I am writing on a mickey-mouse hosted blogging account with an off-the-shelf theme. This is largely because I’ve not been able to devote very much time to personal work so far, and whenever some free time presents itself, I always feel more compelled to write than to design. Therefore, the ideas I’ve sketched out on paper for a proper website have stayed there. Also, I’m not what you’d call a visual designer, and I’m not trying to land any sort of employment, so I have nothing to prove or gain by the success of my personal site’s design. For the time being, I’d rather focus on the content, although a proper website will come at some point.

I would encourage any readers to comment on my posts, even if they’re old and whether you agree or not. I’m quite opinionated but I’m certainly not always right, so I like to have a discussion about things, and it makes writing the posts in the first place worthwhile.

If for any reason you want to contact me directly, my electronic mail goes to dvdgoss {at} gmail {dot} com.

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